The Prophecy Page X: Israel, The 1967 Borders, Furguson – Missouri, And The Message To America – 2015

The Prophecy Page – The Introduction

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For the people of America I William Tisdale, would say… So many of you are skeptical of the Divine Who bears judgement of the future. But to you and others who are reading this I say come on in for a closer examination. As you read this please don’t get bored, because I can nearly promise you it will become more interesting. Please, please just bear with me, and read this… It’s an emergency that you start, and finish reading all of it. In the year 2005, in the Spring quarterly revolutionary cycle I wrote a writing entitled, “The Prophecy Page VIII: Tsunami”, and here is a portion of what I wrote…

“On December 26, 2004 a powerful Tsunami rocked the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Banda Aceh, Indonesian killing hundreds of thousands of people. Through out the Indian Ocean region, the short hand of death struck. Nature’s fury surfed on a 30-50 feet high wave of ocean water, and smashed into coastal areas involving four Southeast Asian nations at a speed ranging upwards of 500 miles per hour. The resulting tsunami caused a disaster against people, and property with the intensity of hundreds of nuclear bombs being detonated underneath shifting tectonic plates as a payload. This set in motion the beginning of a catastrophe unanticipated by millions of people across the planet.

For the upgraded portions please purchase the book (There are many chapters never viewed online. Most of this article was removed on 11/13/2015 3am-4am)…

William Tisdale – The Exquisite Writer – March 25, 2015 (revised April 10, 2015) , All Rights Reserved (c)

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