The Prophecy Page IX: Sodom And Gomorrah: Trial By Fire – The Risk of Same Sex Marriage In America – 2015

The Prophecy Page – The Introduction

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According to the Holy Bible there exist the potential for striving juxtapositions between physical, and spiritual forces to energetically wrest control for competing expressions. One juxtaposition emerges toward dominance in the realm of human activity. I believe it is a juxtaposition that at times eludes transparency in the physical arena, and at times is used as a device of propaganda to seduce naive subjects as tools for an elaborate misinformation campaign to replace, and explain as a normalcy the lust for sexual re-identification as precocious but less certain. For many the output is as a quazi-confused Chimera that is subliminally taught to embrace the veracity of their selected sexual path to break any confusion, and liberate their mental, physical, and spiritual forces of humanism for the duration of their sexual selves as they reach the peak of maturity. More scientific studies are performed to pick apart the bedeviling dirt buried underneath the filthy multiple personality disorders of a psychological mudslide to locate a treasure chest in an upside down new world order, or so we’re all told.

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