The Illuminati Letter

The Prophecy Page – The Introduction

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The phrase “Do you know what your children are watching?” is all to real in today’s world. We are living in times where subliminal messages of amoral compositions are being engineered, prepared, and presented to younger generations. Messages which are meant to supersede the prior generational beliefs, and fuse into a ubiquitous mediocre belief systems acceptable to all all over again. Statistics and opinion polls must be broadcast among the masses to render the message “everyone is doing it” as the prevailing philosophical discourse to polarize any opposing belief based on a ‘higher power’. Yet, the rulers of this world use these veiled symbols to reaffirm spiritual wickedness in high places is the same today, and yesterday, but thank God Almighty not forever. Who but God alone can make something that seems confusing to us to manifest the most intelligible results in it’s final outcome? There are those who deliberately seek to make that which is illogical in it’s final episode to clash with the truth of His Word. The means must justify the ends to achieve our goal. Thereby, 3 + 5 = 11 is evident because we who have the most powerful means on the earth to affirm it will be so. Who are you to argue against it? God says to Noah: Noah, Arise! Go get thee hence wood, and go build an ark in the middle of the desert. Uncle Sam says to the people: Arise, Arise! Go get thee hence metal, and go build an Air Craft Carrier near Minneapolis. One method leads to a coming salvation. The people will laugh at you. The other method may be called “Unsinkable” as was the mighty Titanic. The people will cheer you for helping out the nation. Whose method is more reliable? Should we introduce an iceberg constructed with fortitude and faith to put to the test?

Pictures of celebrities float on the world wide web like bubbles sliding on the play grounds of a master puppeteer, and the hand covering the eye of young Willow Smith is not her own hand. It is to large. She dances to the tune of the beat, but the black and white tiled floors belong to someone else. The tiles belong to him who is familiar with the musical sounds that appeal to every race, and ethnic group on the face of the planet earth. He knows what we like. He is familiar on how to get through by using the drums, the flute, the guitar, the bass, the piano, the trumpet, the bugle, electronic means, or whatever else to seduce us on a cultural and instinctive level. The method was created inside him. God said, “The workmanship of thy tabrets and of the pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created”. Ezekiel 28:13. Like the church orchestras he even made music for God Himself. Musical pipes were created “IN THEE” “INSIDE YOU” says God. Is there anything to hard for the Lord?

He made electric eels with bio-cells to generate sufficient electrical voltage to knock a full grown horse right off of it’s feet. He made fire flies and certain forms of aquatic life with the means to produce their own forms of light. He made falcons with the ability to dive at near 200 mph. Lions cover each other like the original mafia on the safari, and ants live in family units while tigers are tough, solitary, and bad enough to walk alone. In his infinite wisdom He made the spitting cobra that cocks the hammer back, and tries to spit on us. To try and spit right in our face. He made the colorful parrot that simply likes to pout and mock us. The panda bear tries to assimilate the black and white masonic floor tiles while the killer whales merely succeed.

Black and white tiles you say? From the spectacular Northern lights of the Aurora Borealis to the Antarctic’s awe inspiring, opulent glaciers which melt like vanilla cones in the indisputable flames of global warming, maybe, just maybe under the moon’s soft glow the whole world is a folding chess board, we are the pieces, and the next move to climb towards safety is ours. So we climb inside a chess board made of quick sand, and wonder how to escape the avalanche of a folding chess board the evil one throws at us… He deceiveth the whole world says Revelation 12:9. The angels both good and bad are watching the chess tournament, and millions of souls are at stake. Unfortunately, I can’t say winner take all. At least not all on one side…. As you noticed the black and white tiles stay put until God and God alone says, “Enough”. And only after we preach that gospel will He decide to close the board and put it all away. And then shall the end come. Matthew 24:14. But, may God have mercy on us, and may we remember “ALL who call on the name of the Lord will be saved”. Joel 2:32. Some day there will never again be those black and white floor squares…. We’re on the winning side.

William Tisdale – Revised February 2015 – All Rights Reserved (c)