The Apocalypse Of Indonesia

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The Prophecy Page – The Introduction

According to the laws of physics, inside time there is distance, and inside distance is destination, and inside destination is a conviction whether reversed, or inside a vector, or whether in a vacumn, or inside a visitation, at some point whether by decision, or against one’s will, at some point there comes what we call “arrival”. The modern southeast Asian nation of Indonesia sits along a major oceanic geologic disturbance known as The Pacific Rim. The Republic of Indonesia is made up of about 13,000 islands, and is often referred to as the world’s most populous Muslim nation, but in reality depending upon what demographic area you travel along, local pagan beliefs are often mingled with Islamic trains of thought. Muslims make up about 88 % of the nations population, and of that figure Christians make up about 10 % of the population. The city of Jakarta is the capital, and it has over 9,000,000 people. The rest of the country has accrued with a total of about 240,000,000 people nationwide. Once a Dutch colony which fought it’s way towards independence, today the nation of Indonesia is a sovereign nation on it’s own (Albeit, Timorese rebels have fought on-again, and off-again battles for independence with regular army enlisted soldiers for decades). Exports include Petroleum, natural gas, and highly important minerals. Although, Indonesia has been resilient to the 2004 tsunami crisis, the nation is still plagued by a host of problems: Rising unemployment, a banking system in need of repair, unequal distribution of resources regarding it’s ethnic minorities, political and financial corruption in national government. Therefore, much work still needs to be done especially, since there has been few investments in oil exploration, and the countries supplies are not as high as it once was.

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