Denying The Internal Woes Of American Immigration

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May 14, 2015

‘Independent thought written with a bunch of words’ is the slogan I decided to stick with, and I figure readers will just have to stay with me to see where that all goes…

The nation whose denizens remain silent to those who refrain from employing it’s due process laws at the expense of the application of the adjudication of those seeking, and superseding to utilize emergency, decreed, or interim measures extending beyond it’s constitution is a nation-state that encourages it’s governments ability to gather intelligence on it’s society both in the spheres of suzerain, and international norms to compete against as opposed to interact for the safe and decent conduct of global affairs. The more prominent the ideological, military, economic, historical, pseudo-ethical and educational classification, and involvement of the architects of such a state to advance it’s agenda the more it becomes influential in international merchantilism to lead other states into it’s own errs of practices, and policies that causes the international realm to in sync adopt political behaviors that leads towards the benefits for the original idealistic state’s design for non traditionalized forms of neo-crafted irredentist models of change in the latter states. In sooth, since 1991 those same latter states which were formerly exponential have now accrued, and must be coerced to metamorphasize into microcosms of the more prominent, and influential powers, or risk being steered by the sanctioning of the expunging of meager assistance packages for foreign firms, and governmental agencies to be just enough to retard the disintegration of stability, and governing feasibility in the recipient nations of those assistance packages.

In the mean time, in the wrest to fuel authoritarian control in a near limitless quest for mineral resources within miscallaneous sovereign borders external to it’s own boundary, and for the sake of keeping the state functioning there is also the hiding behind the shenanigan of democratic ideals while armed incursions are frequently sponsored abroad at the behest of internal political opponents whom represent districts where the majority views are oft times compatible with the legislative representation of such districts that are losing their ethnocentricity, due to falling wages, and/or discriminatory underwages leading to the culling of such opponents to gain strategic advantage from neo-formed redistricted immigrant communities that accept the retrieving (Sometimes via compelled reasons) of resources from nations of originality. As far as merchantilism goes they win the dual geographic areas by assimulating into job growth from policies designed to re-allocate resources in their neo-settlements, and also in their native demographic populations. Many times they support or acquience to the forces of a coup-de-tat by the host nation. The practice of MFN status policies by the WB and the IMF to develop institutions in international spheres of influence are null if the recipients who have acquired the same anatomy as any other homosapien are not used to achieve their goals in the land of origin within their own higher bodies of learning. Opportunities for born and bred denizens of any Western state are strained due to the irriversible trend of a globalist movement, such as, a guest worker program where those who prosper find pathetic those in the stage of yearning for a prospect. To justify the amoral actions of the plenty, and in a guise of callous expressions, or the heir of denying remorse a philosophical secularite perspective directing the charge of indolence is aimed at anyone who is physically unable to become financially progressive seeking, more or less, to deny the prospective traits of the underclass that burns to become independent actors in the nations they were born, and bred to assist in the evolutionary expanse towards a world class power where growing economic trends were doing well before the globalist agenda commenced. In today’s world, since the accelerated advent of this agenda there has been economic downward spirals, and discouraging signs in education that America is on the decline, and the impact of such veracious statistics that certain cities are literally dying from lack of responsibly placing them first, and the lack of monetary resources which were exhausted to accommodate extensive efforts of a streaming exodus into a single pluralist pool in sharp supply as a contrast to the contemporary motion of the globalist laxation of immigration laws already in context to prevent such things from occuring. In my view, while unlikely to happen but justified enough that illegal opportunist if detained should be deported, and if sanctioned to remain adjudicated into refugee camps, since the majority are mobile, due to economic hardships, and not miscallaneous forms of persecution. Also, studies have indicated the dichotomized gains of reversed 21st century neo colonialism would wane for the new arrivals to wealthy nations if there were a steep contraction in their movements which would benefit the budget of disenfranchised born denizens of such states. Oft times, the products leading towards illicit chemical dependencies of the progressive and underprivledged alike have roots in Southeast Asian, Andean, and other surrounding nations that are trafficked in with the unrighteous influx of illicit, and immoral drug barons to fund their private underworld economies in newly sought out conglomerates where turfs are comprised by toughs in the territory of the empire. Are they not the nations of origin for a large supply of the worlds trade in such substances? Still it tends to formulate legislative policies to in some areas yield to the demand of the districts, and adopt liberal policies to appease the drive of the demographic zone of previously banned substances while media outlets prefer to focus on, and specialize in enlightening the entrepreneural endeavors of those who gained advantage with swift economic grants by legislative powers and international treaties post their arrival. How is this good for the host nations? There are forces of external roots grounded in the adroit use of demolitions, which seek to plant paranoia in foreign destinations at times illegally, and even at times with a quazi-sanction to penetrate the intentional feeble border defenses of the free nations for malicious reasons. They are allowed to do so. How is this good for the host nations?

Betimes the host nations incur politically sponsored disorders at home that challenge the authoritarian practices, in whence, dissenters are quelled via the evolving rush of police tactics in the contemporary stages of development, and the increasing highly trained black operative forces that are being provided newly reassigned roles to perform mop up duties of those perceived to be diabolically opposed to the states esoteric forces, and the grand plans of a foreseeable braggarts world Utopia where the efforts to have the vision of a God of justice are gradually and visibly eradicated, and the gradual phases of the authoritarian aristocracy can begin….. In the current era the fear of God is that you must respect Him instead of what the following Bible verses teach it is: Jeremiah 5: 7-31 (God speaks for Himself to those who take the Holy Bible as His Word); Hebrews 12:25-29; Luke 12:16-21; Ecclesiastes 8:11-13; THE BIBLE CAN EXPLAIN AND SPEAK FOR ITSELF. Is leadership like this undeserving of divine rebukes?

In 2009, the United Nations Human Rights Council refered to India’s caste system as “human rights abuses” which prompted the G.A. of the U.N. to appeal to a nation such as India to halt their internal caste system against Dalits, while their own global eco-racist classified caste system remains a monolithic stain in the world. Within the very environment where the headquarters of their offices reside there is an elaborate gambit of perfidy regarding the long term strategic goals of those who desire to advance to more scholarly aims in bodies of higher learning where the pigmented epidermic hues of particular individuals have been selectively targeted with halt, and frisk procedures to bring to fail those efforts as opposed to a universal declaration without which develops provacative, and preccocious, and grand, and the impact of fatal activites planned, and performed by others less melanized whom slip through the penal loop holes unnoticed at times with deadly consequences. But that body that passes resolutions in a G.A. context will never identify with, and will select not to recognize, nor choose to comprehend as precise the pain such negative attitudes and actions have on the psyche of those accused by ulterior motives as real. So they remain silent as they represent mirrored things in their own places of origin against kinship tribes inside those places. This gets back to the preambles of this writing. Yet, in America in the year 2014 there are those who dared to march, protest, and demonstrate against this backward practice that so many acknowledge exist, but few can articulate it’s actual existence as a practice. So much of the question was asked, Were the protest about a particular event, or the economic factors which contributed to a perception that particular minority communities molded into a particular lot on the financial road towards success was less than worthy of the full, and beautiful treatment of human dignity for a shot at what we call life?

William Tisdale July 31, 2013 Revised – March 28, 2015 Originally Written – All Rights Reserved (c)