Big Butt Women Are Healthier And Their Beautiful Big Backsides Contribute To The Beauty of Their Brains

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According to studies conducted by The University of Oxford and Harvard’s Medical School, women with naturally endowed big behinds and flatter tummies are healthier, and smarter than the average woman. According to the studies subcutaneous fat which is located at the epidermic level of the body, and especially in the buttocks of women, as opposed to visceral fat which covers overall organs can help reduce type 2 diabetes.

Subcutaneous fat reportedly has hormones dubbed “adipokines” which boost metabolism, and when the fat was relocated in other parts of the body as noted in the use of experimental mice, there was a marked decrease in body fat, glucose levels, and visceral fat mass where the relocation occurred. In the Harvard study, Professor Ronald Khan, who led the research team at the Harvard Medical School noted an increase in the positive effects of the subcutaneous fat when relocated to the abdominal area, which is plentifully supplied in the buttock region of human anatomy. In short, subcutaneous fat works as a kind of insulin to lower the negative effects of type 2 diabetes, but visceral fat has no positive impact on improving body health.

The University of Oxford and Churchill Hospital study in England also concluded women with bigger butts, and flatter stomachs have a reduction in their vulnerability to the ills of diseases associated with obesity. Such women were able to resist heart disease and diabetes better, and metabolized sugar better, as well as, have an overall reduced cholesterol level. It is important to stress that a healthy diet, and exercise also contributes to increasing the chances of improvement in physical health. Women with bigger butts are also said to be smarter than other women, because Omega 3 fats are contained in subcutaneous fat. Omega 3 fats reportedly improves brain health, and may help contribute to curvy women with a pear, or hour glass physique living longer than skinny women. Again, a flat tummy is a necessary attribute indicated in the study, and certain things can only come by genetics alone, NOT COSMETIC SURGERY WHICH IS NOT SUPPORTED IN THE STUDIES, AND WHICH IS NEITHER MENTIONED NOR ENCOURAGED.

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